April Roundup: Photo Journal

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Hiking

As promised, April was jam-packed with some exciting trips and excursions. My trips included two firsts – My first time in Boston and my first time in Tahoe!

Tahoe, specifically, was a LONG time coming. Especially since I’ve been living in San Francisco for over four years now. I knew I would love it once I finally went. It’s the combination of scenics that I adore. Snow-capped mountains towering over a tree-lined alpine lake. I could go on, of course, but that’s not what this post is about. But if you’re interested to learn about things to do in Tahoe, you’ll find a very thorough post waiting for you on the other side.

Boston was another dream – I loved the history of the city. You’ll see more of what I loved about the city below.

And last, but not least, I went back to one of my favorite places in San Francisco – The Conservatory of Flowers. 🌸

Those were the biggest highlights this month, all of which I shared in a few shots below. And if you missed March, make sure to check out my photo journal from last month first. Enjoy!

A photo roundup from the month of April:


A love this little pond located on the Letterman Digital Arts campus. During the day, you can sit on a bench and watch the swans and ducks swim about.


You’ve seen this beauty before. It’s on my list of San Francisco favorites.  My Palace of Fine Arts, which is so much more magical when the sunshine pours through her arches.


Peeked into the Boston Public Library. And I’m so glad I did because Bates Hall is quite lovely. Check out more photos and details in my Boston travel guide.


So pretty in pink! The cherry blossoms bloomed this month and, of course, I had to go out and snap a photo of them.


I stayed at the most quintessential lodge during my weekend trip to Tahoe. You have to see the beautiful stone fireplace inside!


Welcome to the jungle! You can find this utopia in the Conservatory of Flowers located in Golden Gate Park. Psst! Californians (this word always reminds me of the SNL skit!) get a discount!


Sometimes you just have to throw on that little black dress and support a good cause. Located at the stunning Palace Hotel in San Francisco. By the way, I’ve only been here for events, but I’d love to come during the day, grab a cup a tea and read a book. That light is beautiful!

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One of my favorite things about Boston: The brownstones that line the streets of the historic Beacon Hill.


Can I put this botanical wall up in my apartment, please? You’ll find this at the entrance of the Conservatory of Flowers here in San Francisco.

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Hiking

My big to-do in Tahoe was hiking around Emerald Bay via the Rubicon Trail. Which I highly recommend! Get more details and photos from my Tahoe travel guide.


Speaking of beautiful hotels, the grand lobby at the Fairmount at Copley Place in Boston is a sight to see. Plus, their restaurant and bar has old-school vibes and is a great spot to hang out for happy hour.

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Did you know that I petsit via Rover.com? Yup! Whenever I have a free weekend, I enjoy hanging with a little fur buddy. It’s a pretty simple gig and I have a dog-friendly park near my place, so it just kind of makes sense. And I get to hang out with handsome guys like this.


These pretty little daisies only wanted to grow right next to this fence post. So I had to get in there and capture it. Spring has definitely sprung in San Francisco!

April was such a fun month – And it’s the month of my birthday, so, of course, it had to be a good one! 🙂

But my goodness, I’m so excited to share my upcoming travels in May. I announced my upcoming travels on my Insta account last week. I’ll be heading to Croatia mid-May and I cannot wait! I’ve been planning my travels since the beginning of the year. It was originally on my travel wishlist, so it feels SO good to check a place off.

May might be a little light at the beginning, but I promise you they’ll be lots of new photos and places to explore after I get back. Until then!

Let’s go places,

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