March Roundup: Photo Journal

You could say spring hit San Francisco this month, that’s for sure. We had a few weeks of gloomy days and rain, but that was followed by green coming back to the rolling hills and the flowers coming back to life.

So what did this month entail? Well, a tulip festival, a cute little furball running around work, beautiful sunshine, colorful sunsets, and cherry blossoms!  Plus, I also got the opportunity to do a really special travel sponsorship this month, that I absolutely adored. You can read more about it and see all the amazing photos of the country cottage we stayed in.

And now let’s get to it. Below are a few shots from this past month. And if you missed February, make sure to check out my photo journal from that month first. Enjoy!

A photo roundup from the month of March:


A tulip festival bloomed in Union Square! They brought in 100,000 tulips and gave them away for free! That’s right, you could come to the festival and leave with a bouquet of colorful tulips.


This is Mamba. Most days, he greets me when I get to work in the morning. How cute is he?


This place is kind of growing on me… 😉


My rooftop has amazing views, but the apartment does, too! I take it for granted sometimes, but I ‘m so grateful to live in such a beautiful spot.


Look at these beautiful blooms come back to life with all of the rain and sunshine we got this month. I could spend hours taking photos of flowers. I love the colors and unique details that come to life when you get up close with your camera. 🌸


I told you I had pretty great views from my rooftop, too. San Francisco really does have some great sunsets.


I stayed at the most charming country cottage for a much-needed girls’ weekend this month. Read all about the getaway and see more photos (wait until you see the inside!).


The Palace is Fine Arts is beautiful, but it’s even more dreamy right before sunset. It gets the most magical light at dusk, that streams through the pillars of the rotunda.


The cherry blossoms are back! And look at this little lady, so pretty in pink.


Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with the cherry blossoms. The grass below this grove looked like it had been speckled with snow from all the light-pink petals falling to the ground.

Happy to have March close in such a good (empowering) way and I can’t wait to share more with you in the next few months. April and May will be full of all kinds of new adventures! So make sure to follow along here, or sign-up for my email newsletter. I  send post recaps on Sundays, so it’s a little light reading from your inbox.

Let’s go places,

What’s your favorite photo from the collection above? Tell me which one (and why!) in the comments section below.


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