Hi, there! My name is Sarah. I’m a marketer, travel blogger, and amateur photographer based in Minneapolis. I’m also a daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, and wannabe dog mom (someday).

On the weekends, you can find me exploring new places, going on hikes, taking photos, watching movies, planning my next adventure, and attempting to have a green thumb. There’s probably a glass of wine somewhere in there, too.

Fun facts: I lived in San Francisco for five years. I went on a solo trip to Croatia. I have a fascination with anything related to the Kennedys. I love true crime documentaries. And I’m writing a book!

Are you ready to read posts that are jam-packed with stories, travel ideas, and tips about beautiful places to explore? Great! Because this blog focuses on my adventures in the States, as well as my travels around the world. I have a passion for finding and capturing moments and sharing them with others.

Let’s go places,

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