A Long Weekend in Ojai, California

Oh, hi, Ojai. You might be one of my new favorite places in California, up there with Mendocino and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

I discovered this beautiful place after going to a friend’s bachelorette party, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Ojai is known for its natural beauty. The valley surrounded by the Topatopa mountain range is a lush getaway full of orange groves, Juniper oak trees, and rolling hills. It’s also known for spiritual retreats, with a great art scene, hiking trails, farmers’ markets, and a cute downtown.

It’s a great place to add to your list for a long girls’ weekend (the ultimate girls trip!), a romantic getaway, or simply a beautiful place to recharge. Plus, it’s just 90-minutes from Los Angeles.

We went in April, and I’d recommend visiting then as everything was very green and lush. June and July are also great times to visit, especially if you’re looking for Ojai’s famous “pink moment” when the sunsets hit the mountain range just right, and everything lights up with a pink glow.

While there, we stayed at an amazing Airbnb. You could tell it was a labor of love for the woman who manages the property. Everything indoors was so warm and cozy, and the gardens outside were beautiful. Plus, it had an incredible view of the mountains and the valley. I’d link it here, but we found out on the day that we were leaving that they were selling the property, so it will no longer be available as an Airbnb. I’m thankful we got to dwell in it for a few days.

If the above has sold Ojai for you, I have a great little itinerary to get you started on planning your trip to this beautiful place. Below you will find things to do and places to go while visiting Ojai.

Places to eat or drink in Ojai Valley California:

An * notes places we actually visited during our trip.

  • Ojai Valley Inn*: This is a must-stop to see the beautiful grounds of the resort and the surrounding area. We stopped for breakfast at The Oak, and it was such a lovely way to start the day. Who doesn’t love breakfast with a view?
  • The Ranch House*: This magical place is a fun spot for dinner. You’re seated outdoors in a garden, which is quite the ambiance at night when the string lights in the trees are on. The dishes are big, so I’d recommend planning to share your meal. But the food is quite good!
  • Ojai Deer Lodge: We were thinking about stopping here for live music after dinner but had decided to go back to our Airbnb for the night instead. But it was on the list and would be another great spot to check out while in town.
  • Topa Topa Brewing Company*: While exploring the cute downtown of Ojai, we stopped at this little place to try some local brews and grab lunch. The beer was great, and we were all pleasantly surprised by how good the food was!
  • The Dutchess: We had a local recommend this place to us. We didn’t get a chance to check it out, but I wanted to add it to the list as it does look like a great spot.

Things to do in Ojai Valley California:

An * notes things we actually did during our trip.

  • Horseback riding*: There are a few options for horseback riding in Ojai, and any spot will be a great option. We went through Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company for a group trip in the late morning. It was such a unique way to explore the valley.
  • Hiking*: There’s a ton of hiking in the area, so do some research to find a trail that works for you. We got lucky and had hiking trails behind our Airbnb, so we explored those one afternoon.
  • Hot springs: Ojai valley is very much a spiritual destination for many people, and part of that is seeking out the hot springs in the area to soak up any healing power that the waters have to offer. We looked into doing this, but the spot of interest was closed when we were there.
  • Exploring the village*: Known for having a cute main street, we spent one afternoon zipping in and out of the boutiques, art galleries, ice cream shops, antique stores, and restaurants along E Ojai Avenue. One of my favorite spots was Fig Curated Living, a unique gift store for the home and garden.
  • Yoga*: One morning, we hired a yoga instructor to come up to our Airbnb to do a vinyasa session with us while overlooking our beautiful view of the mountains and valley.
  • Ice Cream*: There are a few spots on the main street to stop for ice cream, a sweet treat on a hot day. But Sanders + Sons Gelato is the place to stop for a scoop.
  • Spa: You can’t do Ojai without doing a spa day, and the good news is that there are a ton of options to choose from in the area.

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It’s true that there is something about Ojai that is healing. I came back from that trip feeling refreshed and happy, so there is indeed something about Ojai that is healing. I came back from that trip feeling refreshed and happy, so there must be something in the air. I hope you’ll be able to wander over to this little spot in the world at some point because it really is a special place.

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3 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in Ojai, California

  1. As a fellow traveler, I absolutely loved reading about your experience in Ojai, California, Sarah! It sounds like an idyllic destination with its natural beauty, charming downtown, and a perfect mix of activities to enjoy. Your description of the breathtaking valley surrounded by the Topatopa mountain range has me yearning to explore it myself.

    I appreciate the detailed list of places to eat, drink, and visit in Ojai. The Ojai Valley Inn seems like a must-visit, and dining at The Ranch House under the twinkling string lights sounds magical. Horseback riding and hiking are excellent suggestions for immersing oneself in the natural wonders of the area. I’ll definitely make sure to try out some local brews at Topa Topa Brewing Company and indulge in ice cream at Sanders + Sons Gelato.

    When it comes to accommodations, I highly recommend considering Rental Trader for your stay in Ojai. They specialize in vacation rentals and provide a wide selection of properties that cater to different preferences and budgets. Finding a cozy rental with beautiful views, like the one you stayed in, can truly enhance the overall experience.

    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey in Ojai, Sarah! It’s evident that the place holds a special charm, and your enthusiasm has certainly inspired me to add it to my travel bucket list. Safe travels and keep exploring! 🌿✨🏞️

  2. Wow! Thank you “Let’s Go Places” for this wonderful and informative article. We love your articles and photography, and look forward to following you with your travels.

    Ojai Scoop.

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