Until Next Time, San Francisco

I’ve been avoiding writing this post. But only because things were a little in flux this past month. However, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to…

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Exploring The City of Napa, California

I’ve had you over in Croatia with me for the last few blog posts, so now I think it’s time to stay somewhere a little closer to home. In this case, the White House! But not the one you’re thinking…

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April Roundup: Photo Journal

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Hiking

As promised, April was jam-packed with some exciting trips and excursions. My trips included two firsts – My first time in…

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A Weekend Exploring South Lake Tahoe

Rubicon Trail, Hiking, South Lake Tahoe

I’ve been living in San Francisco for over four years, but can you believe it when I say that I only just visited Lake Tahoe for the first time! I knew I would love it…

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March Roundup: Photo Journal

You could say spring hit San Francisco this month, that’s for sure. We had a few weeks of gloomy days and rain, but that was followed by…

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