Until Next Time, San Francisco

I’ve avoided writing this post. Only because things were a little in flux this past month. But I’ve finally mustered up the courage to share my news with you. And I’m sure by now it’s not a big surprise. The title of this blog post kind of spoiled it… 😉

So here we go: As of this month, and after a lot of consideration, I decided that it was time to say “until next time” to San Francisco. A city that I’ve truly grown to love over the last couple of years. All I can say is that I feel so grateful for the time that I was able to live and work in such a beautiful city.

Let’s be nostalgic for a second and review all my favorite San Francisco spots.


You could say “I’ve left my heart in San Francisco.” And yes, if we want to be cheesy, that’s partially true. But I haven’t left all of it there. A little piece, for sure, but definitely not all of it.


There were many reasons why I came to this decision. And you don’t need the nitty-gritty details, because, at the end of the day, they’re not really all that important.

But what is important is that I decided that I’d been in San Francisco for almost 5 years, and I was ready for something new. It all started at the beginning of this year (2018) when I started to get a little whisper in my ear, hinting that I was looking for something else. A new place to live with new opportunities. And perhaps it’s a nomadic spirit in me, but it became very clear that I was ready for a new adventure.


And don’t get me wrong – It took me a while to even come to that conclusion! I had so many back-and-forth conversations about it. Thank you to my friends and family that supported me along the way!

But I finally listened to that little whisper and put everything into action. And once I did that, oddly enough my mind settled. I was going through this big change in my life, but I couldn’t help but feel content. I knew I was doing the right thing.

So I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up yet. Whether that means staying back in my home state of Minnesota (where I’m at right now) or going elsewhere is still up for debate, but I feel incredibly excited about whatever’s next! In the meantime, I’m enjoying some downtime, exploring new places, and catching up with family and old friends. All which has been a real joy. And heck, I can’t complain about Minnesota in the summer. It’s beautiful!


Even this past month, in taking a little breather, I already have a few potentially exciting new endeavors on the horizon. I don’t want to disclose just yet, as there’s still a lot of moving pieces. But if everything works out, I’m incredibly excited about this next chapter.

So anyways, that’s my news! And really, I wanted to share this story with you for two reasons: The first simply being that I’ve been MIA throughout July and August, and it felt strange to not keep you in the loop.


But most importantly, I wanted to share my story in hopes that it will inspire you to listen to your gut, that little whisper, or however else your hopes and dreams decide to present themselves to you. There are so many times that I’ve squashed that little voice in the past, mostly out of fear. But I can tell you now, you’ll never regret taking that leap, no matter how big it might seem at first.

My advice: Just start! Even if it’s the tiniest of steps. Because in my experience, if you start following your heart, everything starts coming into place. <3


I hope you continue following me on my next adventure. I’m slowly figuring it out, so please send any and all well wishes my way. I could use them! 🙂

Okay, and one last cheese ball comment before I sign off…

One thing that I can happily take away from my time in San Francisco is that I now completely understand what Journey means when they sing:

When the lights go down in the city
And the sun shines on the bay.
Oh, I wanna be there in my city, oh
Ooooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh.


In those moments, the answer is always yes. 🙂

Let’s go places,

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5 thoughts on “Until Next Time, San Francisco

  1. Aw, Sarah!! This made me emotional, I live in the Bay area too and we will probably be moving next year. I am already anxious about it, but your post brought such a beautiful light to change and a new adventure. This was so very timely, and I am thankful to have read this. Your pictures are absolutely stunning, and I am so excited for your next adventure!

    1. Hi, Mackenzie! Thank you for sharing that with me. I was a little nervous about writing this blog post, but when I hear things like this, it makes it all worth it. 🙂

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