A Quick Trip To Boston: A Travel Guide

“She said, I think I’m going to Boston. I think I’ll start a new life. I think I’ll start it over. Where no one knows my name.”

That Augusta song always pops into my head when I think about Boston. In fact, it’s always been a city on my list that I wanted to visit. Mostly because of the history, but I also love the fact that it’s a big sports town and it’s in that New England region that brings out something very idyllic in my head. Warm summers, beautiful fall foliage, small coastal towns, and, of course, weekend getaways to Cape Cod.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I got a last-minute opportunity to spend some time in Boston last week. It was a quick trip — less than 48 hours to be exact — but it was fun nonetheless! But I’m sure you’re asking – What can you possibly do in that amount of time?

Well, let me tell you! 🙂 As always, some prep work and research went into it, so that I could really optimize my time in the city. I love doing this – In fact, I offer my services, which is perfect if you’re someone who really dislikes this part of the travel process!

Here was my plan of attack while in the city. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Boston this weekend, I’ve got some great ideas to add to your list.

What To Do In Boston: A City Guide

Explore Beacon Hill: I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Beacon Hill. It feels very small town with various bakeries, restaurants, and shops on the main streets.



But then you get into the neighborhoods, which are lined with beautiful brownstones, brick sidewalks, old doors with large door knockers, and gas lanterns that could only possibly be from the late 1800s. That’s all to say that it’s quite charming.


Plus, you touristy thing to do is walk down Acorn Street, which is one of the most photographed streets in Boston. It’s a quaint cobblestone alley in the center of Beacon Hill. I was specifically awe-struck by it, but what I did appreciate is that the cobblestone hasn’t been touched since the 1800s, so it’s fun to imagine how much life that little road has experienced.

Stroll through the Boston Public Garden: What a loved about this park is that there’s so much to do here! You can walk around and visit all of the statues and fountains, including the large George Washington monument at the northern entrance of the park.


Be on the looking for the Make Way for Ducklings statue. Every now and then, they’ll add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the ducks. Like these little sunhats, which, I must say, makes it quite adorable.


Check out the Boston Public Library: If this seems kind of dull, please note that this is not your typical library! As you enter (from Dartmouth Street), you feel as though you’ve walked into an art museum. As you climb the staircase, you’ll get to gaze at large decorative paintings that make up the Chavannes Gallery, which is definitely a must-see.


From here, you can walk around various rooms, like the Abbey Room, which, too, features grand paintings on its walls. But my favorite part was the beautiful fireplace sitting in the middle of the room.


And last, but not least, don’t forget to check out Bates Hall. It reminds me of those college libraries that you see in old movies.


I loved that the walls were lined with old bookcases and each desk had green vintage lamps on them, that really set the scene.

If you like the photo above, you can purchase a black and white digital print from my travel photos Etsy shop.


Oh, and don’t forget to check out the courtyard. It’s a nice little spot to sit in the sun for a bit. Just grab some food from the library cafe, sit back, and relax for a bit.

If you like the photo above, you can purchase a black and white digital print from my travel photos Etsy shop.

Get a shot of the Cheers sign: OK, this might only be nostalgic for some people. But for me, I grew up with parents who watched the show. So, of course, I had to stop by and give a nod to Norm.


Where to stay? Well, I didn’t get a chance to do much research on this, but what I can tell you is that I stayed at the Fairmount in Copley Plaza.



The lobby was gorgeous, and it has a really cool old-school bar, OAK Long Bar + Kitchen,  that’s a great happy hour spot.


Plus, the hotel was super convenient as far as proximity to all of the places that I mentioned above. Perfect! Book your stay at the Fairmount Copley Plaza.

If I had more time, so other things I would have wanted to do:

Hopefully, this post and list will help you figure out what to do in Boston while you’re visiting. Even with the small number of things I was able to do during my stay, I walked away thoroughly enjoying my time there. Perhaps even with flickering thoughts about the possibility of living there. Can you see it? I’m still deciding! 😉

Let’s go places,

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