August Roundup: A Photo Journal

Wow, August has been a ride! If you didn’t read my most recent post, I’ll give you the short version: Earlier this month I moved back to Minnesota (after being in California for the last five years), and I’m now in the process of figuring out what’s next.

So, it’s been busy this month, but in my downtime, I’ve been getting acquainted with my home state again, which I feel very grateful for.

So what have I been up to? Well, earlier this month I explored Duluth, which I hadn’t been to in years. And the rest of it has been exploring areas around the little town that I’m currently residing. Enjoying summertime in Minnesota to its fullest.

I’ve rounded up some of the favorite photos from this past month. I hope you enjoy these Minnesota summer snapshots as much as I have. Enjoy!

A photo roundup from the month of August:


One of the first things I did when I got back to Minnesota was to go to a baseball game. There’s nothing like a hot dog, cold beer, and America’s pastime.


One thing I love about coming home: Enjoying my mom’s beautiful gardens.


Hi there, pretty girl. One thing on my to-do list: I want to start riding!


Believe it or not, I’ve missed these puffy little clouds. It’s weird the things you notice when you haven’t lived in a place for a while.


I discovered the cutest coffee shop in all of Minneapolis. Make sure to add Fairgrounds Coffee + Tea to your list when you’re in town!


Taking a tour of the lovely Glensheen Mansion was one of my favorite things to do while in Duluth, Minnesota.


This foggy morning made it feel like I was in a scene from Jurassic Park.


While in Duluth, I spent two night at the beautiful Cotton Mansion. You can find more photos of the mansion turned bed and breakfast in my very thorough Duluth post.


We found the prettiest spot to eat lunch! I loved the flowers and sitting next to a pond that had a water fountain going nearby.


I love how the lakes glow at night. With the loons calling out at sundown. It’s magical.

I have to say, it’s been so nice being back in Minnesota during the summertime. I’ve usually only been able to come back for a week these last five years. So to spend a longer period this summer has been a real treat.

There’s more exciting news and fun adventures already planned for September. I can’t wait to share them with you! And get ready for all the pretty fall photos coming at you too!

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What’s your favorite photo from the collection above? Tell me which one (and why!) in the comments section below.

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