Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite Travel Posts, May 27, 2020

Here are the five travel posts that inspired me this week:

  1. Memorial Day Weekend Data Shows a Rise in Domestic Travel (Conde Nast Traveler) – Did you travel this past weekend? You were not alone! And experts are expecting this upward trend to continue through the summer travel season.
  2. Planning A Road Trip: A Complete Guide (TripSavvy) – This is an awesome guide that includes how to plan your road trip, budgeting, routes, and gear to pack. Spend some time in the Routes + Destinations section to find a trip that inspires and makes sense for you.
  3. Travel Searches Plunged 64%, but These Comfort Destinations Remain the Most Popular During Lockdown (RentCafe Blog) – Can you guess which U.S. destinations Americans still feel comfortable traveling to during lockdown? Think small to mid-sized cities, beaches, islands, and national parks made the list.
  4. When Will Travel Return? Predictions For Cruises, International Destinations, Tours, And More (USA Today) – As you start to browse and plan your next trip, here are some predictions on when travelers will be able to do road trips, domestic and international travel, cruises, and more.
  5. Experts Answer the Most Common Questions About Travel in the Age of COVID-19 (Men’s Journal) – As countries and cities start to open back up, here are the answers to all of those lingering questions about how and what type of travel to do domestically and abroad. Psst! The Great American Road Trip is expected to have a resurgence.

Let’s go places,

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