The Amalfi Coast: A Dream Place That Isn’t Quite Real

Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. – John Steinbeck


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I thought life couldn’t get much sweeter after spending time on the French Riveria. But then we got to Positano and I fell in love with the Amalfi Coast.

The mountains plummet into the ocean. It reminded me a bit of the California coastline, but on a grander scale.

This was the view from our Airbnb (below). I’m pretty sure I have twenty photos of this view. Captured on different days (and at various times of each day). I couldn’t get enough of it.


We spent the first couple of days exploring the maze of alleyways that make up the village of Positano.

Lunches and dinners were spent down by the ocean, eating at various beachside restaurants. We’d people-watch, chat about life, and watch as the sky turned a lovely shade of pink as the sun went down every night.


I especially loved how the clouds would glow just before the sun slipped under the horizon.


Oh, and even took a beach day! Like our day in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer. We spent the day relaxing, enjoying the sunshine, and swimming in the sea. I remember the water being such a pretty blue. And it was so clear!


Alright, so how about a few suggestions? Great!

First up: Go to one of the little markets and buy fresh strawberries and prosecco. Then enjoy a little picnic on the beach.

Second tip: Take some time to enjoy the alleyways just before the town square. I loved looking at the paintings and handmade jewelry that was on display.

And last, but not least: Make a day trip to Ravello. You will not regret it.


Day Trip To Ravello

It was raining the morning we decided to make the trip. Regardless, we boarded a bus with a little adventure in mind.  And soon enough, we found ourselves winding along the coast as we made our way to the city of Amalfi. From there, it was a quick bus transfer before starting the climb to Ravello. The little village sits about 1.2k feet above the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Don’t get me wrong. I was super excited when we finally go there. But to be honest, I was kind of bummed about the rain. I had imagined strolling through the iconic village on a warm day. Enjoying the shops, villas, and panoramic views. Instead, we had to attempt to avoid bad weather. As such, we decided to explore Villa Rufalo, which is near the entrance of Ravello. You need to add this place to your list, by the way.

Exploring Villa Rufalo

We started in a quarter of the villa that was built in the 13th century. And lucky enough, my sister and I ended up having this area to ourselves. So it was a bit surreal walking through the various rooms. I could only imagine what life must have been like back then.


After we finished exploring, we decided to go to the upper terrace to check out the view. And to our delight, the bad weather had cleared! We ended up having such a gorgeous day. I was so happy! 🙂



And once we got out to the terrace, the view was breathtaking.


Exploring Villa Cimbrone

After admiring the gardens of Villa Rufalo, we stopped for lunch in the town square. Then, we made our way over to Villa Cimbrone.



I had a hard time selecting photos from our time here. It’s a huge estate, with twelve gardens and a maze of different pathways to explore. It was lovely and I can only hope to visit again one day.

Make sure to give yourself enough time to do some thorough exploration. But if you must make a quick trip, take the path down to the Terrace of Infinity. You’re almost there when you spot the statue of Ceres.


Go through the rotunda, and you’ll find yourself on the hauntingly beautiful belvedere of Villa Cimbrone.


And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


The Terrace of Infinity. The sunshine was peeking through the clouds in the most lovely way. I could have stayed out there forever.


Making Our Way Back To Positano

It was hard to say goodbye to Ravello. The little village had captured my heart. And if the day couldn’t get any better, it most certainly did.  Because we found ourselves admiring a pretty rainbow as we boarded our bus back to Positano.


And the amazing part? Fast-forward about twenty minutes later. It was just before the sun was ready to set. The sky was golden. So you can imagine what the view might have looked like as our little bus winded its way along the coastline.

The view was already beautiful, but then I looked over to my left and saw a rainbow. But this time, its colorful arch was landing in the ocean. It was incredible! I wish I had been able to snap a photo to share with you. But alas, I was stuck in the middle of a crowded bus. So, you’ll just have to believe me.

Nonetheless, it was a special moment. I had this overwhelming feeling that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. And that felt really peaceful. <3

Next stop: Roma.

Let’s go places,

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