Springtime in Northern California

The grass is always greener… during springtime in California.

Although we’ve been battling April showers, the plus side is that we get to enjoy rolling green hills. And I got a double-dose this past week.

On Saturday I once again made my way out to Napa Valley to enjoy a few wineries. And on Sunday, I drove up to Trojan Point on Mount Tam a did a little hiking and lots of soaking in the views.


Our first stop was the beautiful Castello di Amorosa winery. The entryway from the main road is definitely unassuming. I actually thought we made the wrong turn at first. Because you’re going down a long driveway for a bit and you don’t see anything. Then, bang, you see a large Tuscan-inspired castle settled amongst the hillside. It catches you by surprise.


The fun part about The Castle is that there are so many places to explore.


You can go up into the towers, wander the long hallways, and stroll around the courtyard. There are also various rooms you can view, including the chapel and the Great Hall.



Speaking of the Great Hall: How beautiful are these hand-painted Italian-style fresco walls? And look at these beautiful wooden doors.


Side note: I have a thing for pretty doors. There’s something kind of mysterious and magical about them, no? 


After visiting The Castle, we hopped on an aerial tram up to Sterling Winery. It has a bit more of a modern vibe. But if you’re looking for lunch and wine pairing, they have a great terrace that you can enjoy. It’s a nice little spot on a sunny day.

Before heading back to San Francisco, we made a quick stop at Lake Hennessy. I’m from The Land of 10,000, so pretty lakes have a soft spot in my heart.

I’m from Minnesota for those who don’t get the reference. Don’t worry, I forgive you. #MinnesotaNice



And what did I tell you about those rolling green hills? And if you keep reading, there’s even more!


Sunday rolls around and it’s another beautiful day. So, of course, I needed to make a trip up to one of my favorite places in the Bay Area.

I rented a car via Getaround and drove up to Trojan Point. The drive is lovely and once you’re at the top it has the most spectacular views


If it’s a clear day (like it was on this day ), you can see a tiny San Francisco skyline. Plus, as I mentioned before, it has the most gorgeous rolling green hills.


If you like the rolling green hills image above, you can buy the digital print from my travel photos Etsy shop.

For whatever reason, I always seem to come back to Mount Tam in April. You just can’t beat those greens and blues.

And I suppose it’s because from up there, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Like anything can happen. I find it to be quite magical. I mean, sometimes you’re up on Mount Tam and a string quartet is playing. It just happens. True story. Read more here.


The other great thing about Mount Tam is that there are a ton of hiking trails. There are so many I’d love to explore. And heck, if we keep getting beautiful weekends, that might happen sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

Also, too bad that the #superbloom doesn’t take effect on Mount Tam. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Let’s go places,

Where’s your favorite springtime spot in Northern California? Share with us in the comments section below.

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