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The long Memorial Day weekend has me reminiscing about all the wonderful weekends I’ve had in the past couple of months. I have a few weekend roundups and photo journals you can check out if you’re just catching up (here and here). It’s a good reminder of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. And I certainly don’t mean for that to be a brag, but rather a notion that I still have to pinch myself sometimes.

I’ve chatted with a few people recently who’ve moved to California from another state. Our feelings about the Golden State echo each other, saying,”I don’t think I can ever leave.”

What I’m specifically loving about California at the moment is how beautiful everything is during Spring. So much so that I’ve already written a post about it back in March.

Well, I have a few more shoutouts to Springtime festivities. Those include winery memberships in Dry Creek Valley (amazing!), weddings, and, of course, all the florals.



My usual jaunt into wine country has me stopping out near Glen Ellen, St. Helena and Calistoga. However, this past weekend we made our way over to Healdsburg and worked our way through the Dry Creek Valley.

(Psst! Stop at the Dry Creek General Store. It’s quite charming!).

The drive along Dry Creek Road is gorgeous. Windy roads covered by overhanging trees and all kinds of little vineyards to tumble into. Plus, we got lucky with an absolutely beautiful 80-degree day.

We stopped at a few wineries that my friend is a member of. My favorite was Wilson Winery. They have a great back patio that overlooks a vineyard, which is covered by a lovely tree that perfects for staying cool on hot days.Glen Ellen is up there for me, but I think the Dry Creek Valley is now one of my top contenders. I will definitely be making my way back soon.

So where am I at in my wine country adventures? Well, Glen Ellen is still up there for me, but I think the Dry Creek Valley is now a top contender. Let’s just say I will definitely be making my way back to explore the area again soon!



A friend had a short but sweet wedding celebrate at Wayfare Tavern in the Financial District. If you’re looking for a place to eat, definitely add Wayfare to your list. While you’ll most likely eat on the first floor, Wayfare Tavern proper, they also own a few floors above for private dining and events.


Cocktail hour and dinner took place in the Bartlett Room. My favorite part was the wine cellar that spans the length of an entire wall. It’s glass, so you can see into the cellar and browse all the old wines.

The wedding ceremony and after-party took place on the fourth floor, newly named The Sequoia. It has an old-school bar and a skylight with views of the Transamerica building. But my favorite part was the old bank vault that they converted into a lounge. I mean, how cool is this?


It was a great little spot to chat with friends. Cocktails in hand, of course.


Last, but not least, is my continued obsession with how lush the city has been the past couple of weeks. I can’t help but smile as I walk around San Francisco. Ever turn has a pop of color and a lovely fragrance to go with it.

I’m a little biased, but Nob Hill is still my favorite. I suppose Pacific Heights is up there, too.


I’ve been frequenting one of my favorite places in San Francisco. Huntington Park across from Grace Cathedral. It’s surrounded by the most beautiful flowers.


It’s okay to be cliché and stop to smell the roses. Just sayin’.


And if it’s not beautiful enough during the day, I just wanted to let you know it’s quite lovely for a sunset stroll, too.

Another thing I did over the past couple of weekends?

I FINALLY got all of my photos printed. Starting with pictures from the trip that inspired this blog.

I did square prints through Mixbook and they turned out amazing.


I’m going to put a select few into square frames. As for the rest, I’m thinking about making a square photo collage on some of my bare walls.

Let’s go places,

What’s your favorite thing about springtime? Add your list to the comments section below.

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