May Weekend Roundup: A Photo Journal

I must say, I’ve been a little spoiled the last couple of weekends. I’ve stayed at the beautiful Carneros Resort and Spa up in Napa, I attended a fancy Kentucky Derby Party at the General’s Residence at Fort Mason, and I was gifted a sailing adventure along the Marin Headlands. So, I finally mustered up a chill weekend to compile a few snapshots I took while I’ve been away.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


We’ve had a couple of beautiful warm weekends here in San Francisco. So, a glass of rosé on a beautiful afternoon is a must.


The View is not a bad spot to catch a sunset.


Pretty garden strolls all around Carneros Resort and Spa. You can book here.


And, of course, I stayed poolside during my visit to the ever-beautiful Carneros Resort and Spa. Because, I mean, look at that view.


Wandering around the hauntingly beautiful Fort Point. One of my favorite spots to explore in San Francisco.


For whatever reason, I always take a photo of these windows, but I’ve never looked out of them. Next time.


The gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point. On a warm, sunny day, it’s the best place to take in views of the Bay and the Marin Headlands.


A little work lunch with a view at Mission Rock Resort in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. I hear it’s a good spot for brunch.


Learning the science behind roasting and brewing coffee at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters HQ on Folsom.


A little random, but sometimes the lighting is just right, it’s a beautiful day, and you’re feeling pretty.


A view from the Kentucky Derby festivities at The General’s Residence at Fort Mason.


And, of course, San Francisco showing off with another beautiful sunset.


Sailing along the Marin Headlands. We want from Sausalito, under the bridge, and into the Pacific Ocean on our way out to Point Bonita. We had such a lovely morning.

Signing off now, but I’m excited to share that I have a few fun trips coming up this summer. One, of course, is heading back home to enjoy summertime in Minnesota with family. But the other is heading down to Guatemala to spend some time with friends. Stay tuned! I can’t wait to share those adventures with you!

Let’s go places,

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