October Roundup: A Photo Journal

Can you believe it’s already November!? I feel like this year is flying by. So much so, I almost forgot to do my October roundup. Almost.

But alas, I finally sat down and compiled all my snaps from last month. My favorite part? Minnesota has beautiful fall foliage in October. So get ready for a burst of fall colors below.

We didn’t have seasons while I was living in San Francisco for the last five years, so as you can imagine, it’s been a real joy to experience fall this year. Hence all the photos!

So let’s jump in. Here are all of my favorites snapshots from the month below. Enjoy!

A photo roundup from the month of October:


The trees set ablaze in October. It’s still a little warm out and the trees turn a bright orange or yellow.


See, I told you, a brilliant yellow, too.


Greens, yellows, oranges, browns. I love the assortment of colors during this time of year.


Taking a walk through the woods during the golden hour.


Maroon and gold for life.


This is my favorite snap from October this year. It feels very quintessential fall.


You have to pull over and let momma and her baby cross the road. How cute is that? I love the little tail on the baby deer.


Do I go off the beaten path? Of course, I do.


I’ve been in transition this month, so I’ve spent some time at my bestie’s place. Doesn’t she have the cutest place?


Welcome to the land of the yellow pines.

Pretty quickly here, we’re going to start thinking about what we’re thankful for (and doing some holiday shopping), but I must say, I have so much to be thankful for now. There are some new developments that I hope to share with you soon. Fingers crossed that everything comes through this month.

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Let’s go places,

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What’s your favorite photo from the collection above? Tell me which one (and why!) in the comments section below.

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