Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite Travel Posts, October 24, 2018

Here are the five travel posts that inspired me this week:

  1. The 10 Best Places To Travel This Winter (AFAR) – Yes, that’s right. Fall is almost over and for a lot of us around the country, the cold winter will be settling in. Which means we’re due for a warm vacation (or a ski trip), right?
  2. The European Island Paradise That American Tourists Have Yet To Discover (MSN) – Umm, this place looks gorgeous! I might have to add it to my travel wishlist.
  3. 15 Treetop Airbnbs With Breathtaking Fall Foliage (Travel + Leisure) – I’m obsessed with everything fall right now, so this article easily caught my eye. How amazing would it be to stay in a treetop abode during peak fall colors?
  4. Why U.S. Workers Need To Step Up Their Vacation Game (AFAR) – The Germans, French, and Brazilians know how to vacation. My company gives me 29 days of vacation, and I’m going to try hard to take all of those days next year!
  5. Exploring Strasbourg’s Petite France: The Prettiest Town In Europe? (Forbes) – OMG, look at those photos! I think it might be. It’s right out of a fairytale!

Let’s go places,

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