My Favorite Hike In California

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” – Shanti 

I love that quote. It brings me back to all the times where I’ve found myself in the middle of nowhere. Looking out over an expanse of some landscape, whether it be mountains, the ocean or even a cityscape. And it’s true. My eyes sparkle. Because I’m fascinated by how beautiful the world can be.

I think that’s why I love hiking so much. It’s a pastime to enjoy nature, take photos and one that calms the mind.

And to my luck, I get to live in beautiful California where there are so many great hikes close to home. I’ve hiked in Big Sur, Point Reyes, Mount Tam, Muir Woods and out in the East Bay near Mount Diablo. All hikes that I’ve enjoyed for different reasons. And you’ll read about soon! But I’d have to say that my favorite hike (to date) is Bon Tempe Lake near Fairfax, CA.


Why? Because it’s a beautiful lake surrounded by a forest of Douglas Fir, tucked away under the pointed peak of Mount Tam. It’s quiet, secluded, and one of the most peaceful hikes I’ve ever been on. I’ve brought friends and I’ve hiked it on my own as well.

It’s definitely a hike that I’d recommend and I’m so excited to share it with you!

If you’re in the Bay Area, try to plan your hike in February. By that time, California will have had enough rain and the grass will be a lovely green (instead of brown). It really adds to the charm of this little alpine lake.


But you really can’t go wrong. I mean, it’s even beautiful on an overcast day.


The hike is about an hour long. But, you could make a day of it and bring a picnic. There are so many nice little spots where you could unpack, lay down a blanket, and spend the afternoon. And the water is so clear (and calm!). So I can only imagine a quick jump into the water might be the best thing on a hot day!



Plus, it’s connected to a chain of lakes. So there are a few hikes in the area I have yet to explore! The Alpine Lake trail is one of them. I started it the last time I went. But it was late afternoon and I wasn’t quite sure how long the hike would take. So I was on it for about 20 minutes before I decided to turn around. But the shot below was taken on that hike.It’s beautiful, right? I’ll definitely go back because I feel like there is so much more to explore!


Bon Tempe Lake. It really is a magical spot for me. And I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I have!


Let’s go places,

What’s your favorite California hike? I’d like to add it to my list! Share it with me in the comment section below.

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