A Day Trip To Calistoga

Because sometimes a girl just needs a spa day, right?

I heard about Indian Spring Resort + Spa through a friend. She had visited the spa around the holidays and raved about the services they offered. I mean, how can you not be intrigued by a volcanic ash mud bath? Let’s just say I was easily convinced. So we put a “spa day” date on our calendar.

Well, that weekend finally happened. On Sunday, I drove up to Calistoga, CA (about 1.5 hours from the San Francisco). The forecast said it was going to be overcast all day, but I was happy to find that the valley was full of sunshine and blue skies.


So how to describe Indian Springs? Well, I pulled in and was immediately taken by the palm tree lined driveway and bohemian vibe of the resort. It also feels a bit like a blast from the past (it was built in 1861). Meaning that a lot of the amenities are still as they were more than a century ago. Shuffleboard or croquet, anyone?

When I made my appointment, I asked for the mud and mineral bath treatment. And my goodness, it was amazing! It makes your skin feel SO soft, and you leave feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. So here are the deets:

  • You start with the mud bath soak. Basically, you’re covered from head to toe with warm volcanic mud.
  • Next, you rinse off and hop into a bath drawn with pure Indian Springs geyser water. It’s rich in minerals and salt. To keep cool, you’re given water infused with citrus and cucumber. I’m pretty sure I slammed 5 glasses. You gotta stay hydrated!
  • After your mineral bath, you had to the steam room, which is scented with lavender and eucalyptus.
  • The last step is going to a private room, being wrapped up in a soft flannel blanket and letting your body cool down. They put cucumber slices over your eyes and a cold towel on your forward. At this point, your feeling like mush. Totally relaxed.

And that’s a wrap. Afterward, you can go out to the Buddha pond, still in your robe (which I thought was kind of amazing), and enjoy the sunshine and scenery.


The cool part is that all of these natural resources (volcanic ash and mineral water) come directly from the property. From the website:

Four thermal geysers produce the mineral water, and a deposit of pure volcanic ash also runs through the property. The waters supply our mineral pool and steam rooms, and combined with the ash, create the special mud for our famous mud baths.

Book your stay here.

Even though I could have stayed MUCH longer, alas, I was on a tight schedule and needed to get going. But if I had more time, I would have loved to check out the pool. It’s supposed to be pretty cool.

Next up (and super close to Indian Springs) on the itinerary was the beautiful Chateau Montelena Winery. When I got there, spring was absolutely in full bloom. Multi-colored tulips were out, trees had these beautiful pink flowers, and a line of ivy and moss etched beautifully across the chateau’s brick wall.


I was enchanted by this place. Obviously. And to top it all off: Not only can you drink all the wine, but they have a lovely pond you can stroll around as well. And like I said, it was a beautiful day. So why not?

And I suppose the surroundings were not too bad, either. I mean, come on. Springtime in California <3


So, to sum it all up: I had an amazing day. I left Calistoga late Sunday afternoon feeling incredibly relaxed, refreshed and inspired. The best way to start the week off right.

Let’s go places,

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A Day Trip To Calistoga
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