Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite Travel Posts, September 25, 2018

Here are the five travel posts that inspired me this week:

  1. 11 Woman Share Their Favorite Place To Travel Alone (Refinery29) – Can you guess which country popped up more than once on this list? Ladies, it’s time to book your solo trip!
  2. The Cheapest Places To Travel For Each Month Of The Year (Travel + Leisure) – Take out your calendar and start plotting some cheap vacations in your near future.
  3. 10 Holiday Booking Hacks And Tips To Get The Best Deal (Woman + Home) – Every tip helps, especially when you’re trying to find the best flight deals for your upcoming holiday travels.
  4. Best Places To Travel In 2019: Experts Name Top Destinations And Trends (Traveller) – Okay, this may be from an Australian tourism perspective, but it’s interesting to read about where experts thinks the “hotspots” will be next year.
  5. 9 Breathtaking Hikes To Experience The Best Fall Foliage (Departures) – It’s almost that time. The leaves are slowly starting to change color. And if your close to one of these destinations, you’re one lucky duck!

Let’s go places,

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