Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite Travel Posts, July 18, 2018

Here are the five travel posts that inspired me this week:

  1. The Top 15 Cities in Europe (Travel + Leisure) – Can you guess which city made the top spot? It’s a romantic city that I’d love to explore! Spoiler: It is not Rome. But I absolutely loved Rome!
  2. What’s Trending In Summer Travel Packing? (Media Post) – I love reading up on trends in the travel industry (nerdy, I know). This post, in particular, caught my eye. I’m all for carry-on travel being a trend (see my post on this) and smart luggage. Also, fanny packs!?
  3. The 10 Safest Countries In The World (Conde Nast Traveler) – Relevant to my solo travel post (especially for the ladies), these types of listicles are great if you’re looking for a place to try traveling on your own. I’d really love to explore Portugal next!
  4. Summer Travel Report: Trending International Destinations In Every State (PR Newswire) – Where is everyone traveling to in your state? Everyone in Cali is heading to the United Kingdom. I want to go! You can read about my London adventures here.
  5. Limited Edition: Travel-Ready Treasures (Birchbox) – I usually don’t post products, but I love Birchbox and thought this little travel back was a great option for long flights. It’s a $42 box, but it has a $215 value!

Let’s go places,

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