My Top 10 Travel Wishlist For 2022

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It’s the time of year again when I start thinking about what the new year will hold. My wish for 2022 is that I can plan another big trip abroad. As you know, travel over the last two years was on hold as the coronavirus made its way into the world. With new variants and on/off travel restrictions, I decided to hold any abroad trips until things settle down a bit. But when will that be? I’m hoping it’s in 2022.

We can only hope, right? And with that hopefulness, I wanted to take the time before the new year to jot down my travel bucket list for 2022. And that starts with looking at my top 10 places to travel to from last year to see how things change. And how some wishes stay the same.

Here is my top 10 travel wish list (in no particular order):

  • Iceland
  • England + Scotland (Complete as of Oct 2022!)
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Portugal + Spain
  • Ireland
  • Morocco (Marrakech)
  • Thailand
  • Austria
  • Canada (British Columbia)

Fingers crossed that I get to at least one of these travel destinations in 2022. And I hope it provides some vacation ideas for you, too.

I’d do another solo trip as I did in Croatia. I’ve also started looking into group trips that are planned for you. Sure, you lose some of your creativity and choice when planning the trip. But if you do your research, you can find one that gets you to all the places you want to go. Without the hassle of having to figure out transportation and accommodations. So I’ve been thinking about both options for 2022.

Alright, let’s get those flight alerts going on Airfarewatchdog. You never know when an awesome deal might pop up.

Stay tuned as I figure out my travel plans for this year. How? Well, you can stay up-to-date by subscribing to my newsletter and following along on Instagram. And if you’re looking for help on your next travel itinerary, remember that I’m here to help!

Let’s go places,

What trip do you hope to make this year? Share your 2022 travel bucket list in the comments below.

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