Road Trip To Jackson Hole (Part Two)

If you missed Part One of my trip, you can read it here.

And we’ve finally made it to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!


For our stay in Jackson Hole, we booked an Airbnb located in the Teton Village. Since we were there in the springtime, the ski village was pretty quiet. But it was nice because just at the entry, there was a cute little general store that we frequented for groceries and coffee in the mornings.

We spent some time exploring the town square of Jackson. We checked out a few stores, walked around, and just enjoyed the scenic little town. If you’re looking for some local brews, check out Q Roadhouse Brewery.We stopped by one night after a hike in the Grand Tetons. There is nothing like a good beer after a long day!


My favorite story from Jackson Hole is the day I saw a momma and baby moose. I had just woken up and peeked out my bedroom window to check the weather. I first noticed a little old lady, complete with a cane, making her way across a footbridge. I noticed that she stopped all of a sudden, and just stared ahead. I followed her gaze and that’s when I saw them: A momma and baby moose that had just appeared from the woods.

It was amazing! I had never seen a moose before. They’re huge!

I ran downstairs to tell my Dad, grabbed my camera, and we walked over to the footbridge to get a good look. Now, I’m not sure this is advisable, getting in front of a moose, but thankfully our momma moose was quite calm. She checked us out for a bit, and then made her way below the bridge, into the creek, to munch on some leaves. Baby in tow, I capture the sweet moment above. 🙂


We spent a few of our days in Jackson Hole to explore the Grand Teton National Park. And that’s a must!


We wanted to go hiking, so we started at the Cascade Canyon Trailhead that would ultimately get us to Hidden Falls. Part of our hike was around  Jenny Lake, which is a sight to see.


During our hike up to Hidden Falls, it started to rain. Which made us a little nervous, because you definitely don’t want to be at that elevation when a storm comes through. We saw thunderstorms in the distance, so we picked up our pace a bit.


Even though the weather was a little crummy (welcome to alpine hiking), we did finally make it up to Hidden Falls, which turned into a beautiful river making it ways down the Cascade Canyon into Jenny Lake.


My last recommendation while you’re in Jackson Hole is to visit a hot spring. We went out to the Granite Hot Springs in Hoback Canyon, which is about an hour drive from Jackson City. It was a little adventure in itself getting them. The route had us driving on rugged roads in the Gros Ventre Mountains. But we finally got there, all thanks to four-wheel drive.



It was the first time I’d ever been in hot springs. The smell isn’t great, but my goodness, it leaves your skin and hair feeling SO soft. And the pool (which was built in 1933) is surrounded by the forest of Hoback Canyon. It’s so pretty and relaxing. I recall feeling incredibly energized after swimming in the pool for about 30 minutes. It’s amazing!

We visited the Granite Hot Springs in the spring/summer, so the water temps were around 83 degrees. But you know what would be really fun? Visiting the hot spring in the winter time! Imagine swimming in a 112-degree pool with snow falling overhead. Wouldn’t that be lovely!?


My ultimate recommendation while you’re in Jackson Hole is to visit Oxbow Bend. It’s one of the most photographed spots in the park. Here, you’ll find the reflection of the towering Tetons on the Snake River. It’s absolutely stunning.


I don’t think you can go wrong with your time of visit. We went in the afternoon on one day and woke up early on another day to check it out as well. Both times it was breathtaking.


It was hard saying goodbye to Jackson Hole. I felt a little piece of heart leaving me as I watched the Tetons get small in the rearview mirror. It’s just such a beautiful, wild place. And I need to go back soon!

Let’s go places,

What are some other must-see places near Jackson Hole? Share with me in the comments section below.

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