June Weekend Roundup: A Photo Journal

I must say, June has been a bit of a whirlwind month. There’s been a lot of moving pieces and being away from home. But the good news is that everything will be back to normal come July.

But, regardless of the challenges, I’ve been able to explore some places that I haven’t had to chance to. That includes Berkeley and more recently, the beautiful hills of Marin. So, I have that going for me!


Pretty hikes in Tilden Regional Park. Plus, if you’re here, you’ve got to check out the hiking loop around Lake Anza.


Be still my heart. I got to spend a sunny afternoon with this little guy. Watch out, ladies. His name is Bo and he’s a heartbreaker.


Found pretty morning sunshine showering a Hibiscus tree in Berkeley. It was definitely a nice way to start the day.




Staying at a dreamy house up in the hills of Greenbrae until the beginning of July. It includes way too much space for little ‘ole me. Pool and hot-tub included. I don’t hate it. Plus, it has lovely views of beautiful Mount Tam (day and night).


Life has been stressful as of late. Yes. But sometimes you have to remind yourself to be present and enjoy the small things. Like these beautiful flowers, complimenting each other in such a lovely way.


And, of course, A little rest and relaxation never hurt anyone. Let’s just say I’ve been poolside all weekend.


But I’m still missing this view. I’ll be back soon enough!

Let’s go places,

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