October Roundup: A Photo Journal

Can you believe it’s already November!? This year has been going by SO fast. October, in particular, was a busy month for me. Some highlights include San Francisco celebrating its annual Fleet Week, my best friend visiting for a long girls’ weekend, foggy fall vibes (especially in time for Halloween), and pretty sunsets (as per usual).

Here’s a recap of some of my favorite moments from October. Enjoy!


The Blue Angels put on an amazing air show for two days during Fleet Week.



We’re still getting all kinds of beautiful sunsets.


And little slices of fall are still popping up around the city.


My bestie, Meg, came to visit me mid-month. On our first full day, we had the best time cruising around the city in a little yellow GoCar. We couldn’t stop laughing!


During our GoCar expedition, we stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts. There’s nothing better than an afternoon stroll around the pond on a warm day.


On our last San Francisco outing, we had a ton of activities on our list. First, we stopped at Lands End to take in the pretty blue ocean.


Then, we drove into Golden Gate Park and stopped at Stow Lake. While here, make sure to walk over to the lake’s island to get a front and center view of Huntington Falls.


My favorite activity was renting a paddle boat (and an Arnie Palmer) and taking a few leisurely laps around the lake. Duck chasing included.


Next, we stopped at the Conservatory of Flowers. Don’t miss this photo opp upon entry!



The Aquatic Plants exhibit with the reflecting pool was my favorite. They also had a Butterflies and Blooms exhibit open while we were there.


If you need a little time away from the city, try renting a bike, go over the Golden Gate Bridge (so fun!), and head into the little seaside village of Sausalito.


A few days before Halloween weekend, the skies of San Francisco went all The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock on us.


Speaking of Halloween, we even got spooky fog (hi, Karl) around the Golden Gate Bridge.



But he’s not always spooky. Karl the Fog was out in full force later in the day, but this time chillin’ on the horizon of a pretty blue sky.


October closed with some moody/dreary weather, but I guess that’s San Francisco. It will be sunny again next week. 😉

What I didn’t mention in my October recap was my most recent weekend getaway back in Mendocino. See my post from September here. This time around, it was much more relaxed. I stayed in the village and explored the stores and headlands that make Mendocino so picturesque  I can’t wait to share with you! Be on the lookout for a new post next week.

Let’s go places,

What’s your favorite photo from the collection above? Tell me which one (and why!) in the comments section below.

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