Wanderlust Wednesday: My Favorite Travel Posts, July 11, 2018

Here are the five travel posts that inspired me this week:

  1. The Summer Holiday Travel Guide (The Times) – Check out this super helpful guide for stress-free summer travel. There are a lot of good tips here.
  2. When Should You Buy Your Flights (Smarter Travel) –  I’m always looking for the best travel deals, so when I see articles like this, I jump right in. And I’m so glad that they featured AirfareWatchdog. I use that site all the time!
  3. People Who Fell In Love On Planes Are Sharing Their #PlaneBae Stories (Travel + Leisure) – I love ready stuff like this! It’s just a nice reminder that love can find you in the most unexpected places!
  4. The Travel Tips Issue (New York Times) – A roundup of articles on travel tips and techniques that are written by five Frugal Traveler columnists. It covers travel insurance, saving money, the best in travel tech, and more!
  5. The 8 Most Underrated Cities in America (Jetsetter) – I gotta give my home state love with Minneapolis being featured in this list. It really is such a beautiful city, especially during the summer.

Let’s go places,

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