A Weekend In Las Vegas: A City Guide

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well, not for this post. I decided to let a few secrets out. But only this once.

So what do you do when you’re taking a quick weekend trip to Vegas? That’s exactly what I had to figure out. Because, believe it or not, it was my first time in Vegas! Sure, you can do the gambling thing. But I wanted to find all the other hidden gems of the city. Things that you might now think to do in Vegas. And thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a variety of those things!

So, I thought it best to write up a little Vegas guide for those of you who are planning your escape to Sin City.

Where To Stay In Las Vegas

Let’s start with the basics.

There are two areas you can stay while in town: Downtown and on the Strip. And the choice between the two really depends on what kind of Vegas you’re looking for.

The downtown vibe is much more old school, compact, and grimier (for lack of a better word).


It’s here where you’ll find the infamous Fremont Street, which is, as they say, an “experience”. The nice part is that the main drag is small, and is made up of various casinos, restaurants, and bars that you can explore. They also have live music playing at night. And if you’re brave, you can try out the zip line (or Slotzilla) that flies above Fremont Street.


My preference: Staying someone on the Strip. Everything feels more grand and new. And even though getting around isn’t convenient, there’s SO much to do. You could take up a full-day just walking around and exploring all the casinos. My favorites? The Venetian and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. In both, the interiors make you feel as though you’re walking through little European streets, which I loved.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

Shows, shows, show. First and foremost, make sure to check out the Vegas shows that are happening while you’re there. This is by and far the number one thing people recommended when I asked for ideas.


Be a high roller. On the High Roller, which is a 550-foot tall giant Ferris wheel. This was actually one of my favorite things to do. We went at night, which I highly recommend. You can get a large crew in one car, which includes a bar (two free drinks), and amazing views over Vegas.

See old Vegas signs. By heading to the Neon Museum. This was also one of my favorite activities. It’s an Instagrammers dream. Essentially, it’s a graveyard of signs from old-school Vegas. I’d like to imagine the Rat Pack glancing up at one of the neon signs that were on display. You never know! Another plus: You can go to the museum at night when a few of the signs are lit up. So cool!



I mean, how cool is this giant neon duck?

Get out of the city. Little did I know, there’s a ton of great activities outside of the city. You can drive around in a desert dune buggy or go hiking in Red Rock Canyon, just to name a few. If we had more time, this would definitely be something I’d look into.

Get spooked. Just head over to the Haunted Museum, which supposedly holds all kinds of haunted objects. So if you’re looking for some ghostly encounters, this place is for you. But you have to sign a waiver before entering… So keep that in mind! 😉


Explore the casinos. I’d recommend heading to the Bellagio to check out the Conservatory + Botanical Gardens. And then stop by at night to watch the fountain show, which is magical. Another idea? Head to the Venetian and take a gondola ride through the canals.



The Bellagio had a beautiful stained glass display on the ceiling that I had to get a photo of. Which is a great reminder… Don’t forget to look up!

Get cool photos. Walking around the Mirage is fun. There’s a faux volcano with a waterfall that has a pretty view. Head across the street from the Paris Las Vegas Hotel to get a snap of the Eiffel Tower. And then walk down to the New York New York Hotel, to get a shot of the NYC skyline… In Vegas.



And that’s everything that I had on my list! But I’m sure there are things I missed! So share your favorite Vegas to-do’s in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add them to my list next time I find myself doing a weekend getaway in Vegas. Until next time!

Let’s go places,

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