May 2021: A Photo Journal

The big highlight from May was that I was able to do more exploring in Minnesota’s North Shore. But there were also memorable moments of walking through a pretty park that was blooming with springtime flowers. And of course, perusing the cutest greenhouse cottage to pick up plants for my patio.

It was the first month this year where it started to warm up and everyone was able to explore the outdoors again. And that’s always why I find May to be so invigorating. Everything is coming back to life, the trees are covered in green buds, and the springtime flowers are in bloom. It feels as though May is the month to recharge you after the long winter.

I didn’t take a ton of photos, but there were a few that I loved and wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

A photo roundup from May:

Here are a few snaps from my trip up north in early May. I had gorgeous weather for two of the three days I was there, not too hot and not too cold. So I was able to stop at a few of the state parks in the area to enjoy some pretty hikes.

You can check out all the photos and a list of things to do on my Minnesota North Shore travel guide.

I spent a lot of weekends in May walking around Centennial Lakes Park. It’s so lovely in the spring with the crabapple trees in bloom. The cover photo on this post was a section of the park that had a huge lilac bush and it smelled divine. I sat on that bench for quite a while just taking it all in.

Say hello to Tangletown Gardens. It is a local greenery with the cutest setup: An old cottage full of garden supplies, decor, books, and fun knick-knacks to explore. On the outside, you can peruse the magical garden that’s full of flowers, plants, pots, and whimsical statues to fulfill all of your garden dreams.

I’m obsessed with this place and will be going back often this summer.

My favorite photo from May might also be one of the simplest. I thought it was so funny and peculiar to look out my window one evening to find this little cloud sitting all by itself in the sky. No other clouds as far as the eye can see. It made me laugh and I remember saying, “You do you, little cloud.”

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