July 2021: A Photo Journal

July surprisingly ended up being pretty low-key. When I went back and reviewed the photos that I had from this month, it was pretty minimal. So much so that I even pondered if I should even write this blog post. But I decided to do it, mostly because I like the idea of consistently documenting my life, and in the future, being able to look back at what I was doing at a specific moment in time. Even now, going back through some of my old photo journals has been a real treat, and it reminded me that I’ve been able to see a lot of beautiful places in my life.

So, what did I do this month? Let’s find out!

I went to a u-pick flower farm for the first time. The little place, called Fairhaven Farm, has the cutest setup, and I was obsessed with this old truck that they decorate differently throughout the year. I only know this because I stalked their website and social pages and browsed all of their beautiful flower displays.

I took a sundown drive and stopped at this pretty babbling river for some quiet time. Sometimes all you need is to slow down for a few minutes to reenergize, am I right?

Here’s another quiet moment at a lookout over a lake. Usually, there’s a pair of swans always floating around, but not on this day, I guess!

MN friends: Have you ever been to Centennial Lakes Park in the spring or summer? It’s one of my favorite places to walk on a sunny day. The path follows a long, skinny lake adorned with beautiful gardens, footbridges, a mini-golf course, and more. Plus, if the hike around the lake doesn’t sound fun, you can paddle-boat around instead!

Just a prince enjoying the backyard. My sister came up for the long 4th of July weekend and brought her pup with her. It’s always nice to have a dog around, isn’t it? Which reminds me: I really need to get a dog!

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