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So, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m a Minnesota girl. Born and raised. I moved out to San Francisco about three years ago, so I’ve been kind of spoiled with the California weather. Meaning I definitely don’t miss winter time back home.

Yet, I’m all for the snow around the holidays. Which makes going home for Christmas always a bit more festive and exciting. There is always something pretty about this frozen tundra I call home.



So, I’m trying not to post too much about my personal life on this blog (let’s stick to the adventures). But when it comes to the holidays I wanted to share a few fun moments with you. Such as…

Driving around and taking photos (of course). One spot that was new for me was this little mill and dam that’s nestled back in the woods.


The sun was out, but it was still a crisp Minnesota morning. I get cold just looking at this photo. You definitely wouldn’t want to fall in there. Yikes!


Another one of my favorite things: Catching up with my nieces. They’re getting so big! Lucy (here) is three and she has the cutest little laugh that melts my heart.


And of course, catching up with my sisters. We all haven’t been together for about six months. The three of us. I missed them!


My sister’s and I also get the luxury of enjoying my mom’s winter wonderland that is our home over Christmas. It’s my mom’s favorite holiday, and I swear every inch of our house is decorated. But it’s the best thing. It feels so warm, cozy and festive going home for the holidays.

Plus, no joke, my mom puts up four Christmas trees. All dressed to the nines.


Another highlight: A spa day with my best friends. We started the afternoon at one of my favorite restaurants: Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis. Then, after lunch, we headed to the spa for a glorious massage and facials.


And last, but not least, it’s tradition for my mom and sisters to go see a play over the holidays. This year, we saw Irving Berlin’s White Christmas at the Ordway in St. Paul. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, and it’s a lovely play. Spoiler alert: They make it snow in the theater at the end. It’s magical.

After that, we took a jaunt throw Rice Park, which they deck out in Christmas lights every year.


So, I left Minnesota feeling rejuvenated and ready for 2017. There’s lots of love for me back home. Especially over the holidays!

Until next time, Minnesota.

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