Gifts For Travelers 2022

If you have a travel lover in your life you’ve been trying to figure out a gift for, let me help! How? Well, I’ve had my eye on a few travel items this year that I decided to compile in a nifty gift guide. I’d love any of these gifts, and I think other travel lovers will too!

It includes items to pack or use on the plane, necessities to have with you while you’re out and about, and ways for your travel lover to capture their adventures.

Stock up on a few of these items to make the best travel gift package for your wanderlust friend or family member.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I appreciate your support! Any funds I make, I put back into this blog so that I can continue to create great travel guides for you.

R(evolution) Transport Pouch

Keep those important travel documents and cash safe with this crossbody transport pouch while you’re out and about exploring a new city. It will not only make you feel secure, but you’ll also feel good about this purchase made from recycled material. So you’re not only getting your friend a gift, but you’re also doing your part for the environment.

United By Blue

Melsbrinna Leather Passport Case

How cute are these passport cases? Project your passport and other necessary travel documents like credit cards, boarding passes, receipts, vaccination cards, and more. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about your documents and cash if you get stuck in the rain or spill something in your bag or luggage.


Travelcube White Noise Machine

If you have trouble sleeping in new places, this white noise machine is for you. Its small size makes it super easy to pack. And it even has six sound options to pick from if you’re looking for some variety. My sister would love something like this, as she cannot fall asleep without white noise. Wait, did I just figure out a gift idea for her!?

Yogasleep | Amazon

Scratch Map

Help your travel lover capture all their adventures by gifting them this fun scratch map they can hang up in their home or office. It inspires travel and provides the fun activity of getting to scratch off and see the progress of your world travels when you visit a new country. Any travel lover would adore something like this.

Uncommon Goods

Native Union Stow Organizer

A happy traveler is an organized traveler. And this organizer can get the job done while being cute and stylish. It’s the perfect container for all your tech essentials like phone chargers, laptop power cords, a universal power adapter, and more. I would have loved something like this on my last trip abroad. But instead, I was using a Ziplock bag, and as you can imagine, there was a lot of mess and tangles. Lesson learned.

Native Union | Amazon

Airbnb Gift Card

When I travel to new cities in the States and abroad, I always look at what Airbnbs might be available to stay at while I’m in town. To me, staying at an Airbnb feels like I get more immersed into the culture and vibe of the place. So I’d love a gift card like this as a stocking stuffer, and in fact, I did add this to my gift list!


Promptly Travel Journal

Keep those travel memories alive with this journal dedicated to one single trip. If you know a friend or family member who has an upcoming trip abroad, this is a wonderful gift to give them to capture all of their adventures. Some of the prompts in the travel journal include recapping your itinerary, memorable moments, accommodations, photos, mementos, and more.

Promptly | Amazon

Ostrichpillow Hot + Cold Eye Mask

Whenever I have a long flight, especially flights abroad, I always wish I had an eye mask. I don’t sleep well on planes, so something like this would be super helpful to drown out all the light. Especially when you’re sitting by someone who prefers to have their overhead light on and all you want to do is sleep. I love that this mask, in particular, provides hot/cold temp options and gentle pressure to help with any eye strain, tension headaches, and stress.


Personalized Map Artwork

Not necessarily something to bring with you on your travels, but what I love about this personalized artwork is that it is a beautiful way to commemorate a trip, especially for a couple, small family or girls’ trip. It can feature up to six map locations plus space for a message, name, and dates at the bottom. Available as a 12×12 inch or 16×16 inch print.

Uncommon Goods

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I appreciate your support! Any funds I make, I put back into this blog so that I can continue to create great travel guides for you.

I hope you find this guide helpful as you search for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life. And I wish you a lovely holiday season, too! Happy gifting!

Let’s go places,


What are you gifting your travel loving friend? Share some more ideas in the comments below.

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