Gift Guide For Travelers 2019

Are you looking for gift ideas for your fellow travelers? Or perhaps someone who loves to take photos on the go? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right around the corner, I thought I’d round up my picks (and a few of my favorites!) in a post for an easy gift guide to the traveler in your life.

And hey, that might even be you! Treat yourself, right?

Prices may vary based on sales. Hopefully, you’ll get a great deal over Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Happy shopping travelers!

  1. Anker Portable Charger ($49.99): I have this charger and carry it with me everywhere. It’s small enough to through in a purse or laptop bag to make sure your phone never dies while you’re out and about.
  2. Osprey Daypack ($49.70): A pack like this is so useful during those day trips exploring a new city. It’s small enough to be convenient but just big enough to include all the essentials you might need.
  3. YETI Tumbler ($29.99): I included this tumbler as the perfect companion for an epic road trip. I have a few I use for coffee every day, but it’s great for keeping drinks cool too. YETI is the best!
  4. Luggage Tags ($6.99): There are so many times when I’m waiting for my luggage that I wish I had added something to my black suitcase to make it easily recognizable. If I were to add something, I’d do something like these luggage tags with an inspirational travel quote.
  5. Remote Control Camera Shutter ($17.95): Have you ever wondered how travel bloggers get those solo photos? Sure, sometimes they have photographers/friends with them to take a snap. But if not, they most likely have one of these remote controls (and a phone stand) to take a photo from afar.
  6. Canon Instant Film Camera ($79.99): I love instant cameras! I love the gratification of seeing a travel photo on a printout. Plus, I think they’re fun to display around the house. I’m keeping my eye on one this holiday season for myself!
  7. trtl Travel Pillow ($53.99): We all know how uncomfortable plane seats are. Especially while traveling to far off locales. Let’s make that flight a little better with a travel pillow that keeps your neck supported while you nap. Because sleep nodding is no fun. And embarrassing!
  8. Everlane Twill Weekender Bag ($98): I have a similar bag that I use a lot when I travel. Even when traveling abroad believe it or not. But I’m a pretty light packer, so it worked out great for me. And as the name says, it’s also the perfect bag for a weekend getaway.

Let’s go places,

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