December Roundup: A Photo Journal

As 2017 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year. And it’s been quite an adventure. In all honesty, it didn’t begin so well. There were some personal things happening that kind of broke my heart. And then there were some other hiccups along the road, but I’ve decided to take all of those events as being moments of growth.

But then I found my groove again mid-year when I started pursuing travel sponsorships to explore California (and Guatemala) a bit more. And in general, I just started to feel more comfortable with myself, and my wants and needs out of life. I guess that’s what happens when you hit your 30s. 😉


That all comes to me saying this: I’ve learned a lot about myself this year (and I’m still learning as we move into 2018). But I’ve also gone a lot of great big trips and mini trips that has allowed me to meet new people, discover new places, and capture beautiful moments in time. All things that really warm my heart.



And December was full of all of those things. Earlier this month, I visited Healdsburg to stay the pink little bed and breakfast that is known as the Camellia Inn. I attended a few holiday parties that allowed me to get dressed up and feel pretty, and I flew back home for Christmas to get a much-needed break and spend time with family.

Here’s a recap of some of my favorite moments from December. Enjoy!



A Christmas adventure weekend with one of my very good friends! We dressed up, visited four hotels that go all out for the holidays, and sipped champagne (of course).


San Francisco is so magical during the holidays. I don’t want it to end!



I also love that it’s still quite warm in San Francisco right now. I’ve been taking a lot of long weeks on the beach and down to the bridge.



Jumping around wine country still gives you all the fall vibes.


I kind of loved this overgrown lilypad pond at the Camellia Inn.


Being warm and cozy as those twinkle lights give off the magical effect that you only get around the holidays.


A holiday tradition: Afternoon tea at the St. Paul Hotel with my mom and sisters.


Puppysitting the cutest little guy for a night. His name is Luigi. <3

And before I sign-off, here are some of your favorite photos from this year. They’re some of my favorites, too!

Top photos from my Instagram account. 41,698 Likes to 252 posts in 2017.

Good things are happening. Happy New Year, friends!

Let’s go places,

What are you most thankful for from 2017? Share with me in the comments section below.

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